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Your Phone Could Be Your Best Golf Coach

by Back Nine Club Staff for Training
Your Phone Could Be Your Best Golf Coach


Golf is a game where one little thing going wrong during your swing can ruin everything. 

So when you go to get lessons you work on the little things and the person conducting the lesson will give you little tips and pointers to work on that flaw in your swing.

Fast forward two weeks.

You aren’t getting distance with your irons that you were getting at the lesson. Not to mention you have a baby slice.

You are thinking about all the things you learned, but you can’t seem to figure it out. You have all your buddies in your ear giving you useless tips as if they were pros, capable of giving you a valuable lesson.

So instead of having them give you tips that wont help one bit, shut them up and give them your phone.

Take a video of your swing.

Golfer uses phone as golf training aid

The beauty of living in this time is technology, so take advantage of it.

Have your buddies take a video of your swing, whether it is an iron or driver. Have them capture it from behind and if possible the side during your swing (may need a few phones). Have them take the video from address to follow through and maybe even try to track the ball so you know if it was a good or bad shot later.

Now your round is over and you’re hanging out drinking and eating, take a look at the videos.

Don’t use the videos as entertainment either, use them as training tools. If the guy at your lesson told you that your swing plane was too steep, take a look at the behind angle and see how your plane is looking.

If it is indeed too steep, go to the range next time and do the drill he did with you to work on that. If it is something as simple as grip or your wrists, you will know that and it is a simple fix so you aren’t over fixing your swing. The worst thing you could do is fix something that isn’t wrong, to try to fix something else.

Video is a very useful tool when it comes to golf because the golf swing happens so fast it is hard to break it down just watching. If you take the video and slow it down, you can see everything.

If you are playing alone, set up your phone on your bag like a personal tripod, got yourself some video.

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