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Wilfore’s Dream Foursome

by Back Nine Club Staff for Opinions
Wilfore’s Dream Foursome


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Sometimes you have a great group of guys to golf with, and sometimes the the group stinks.

So I was sitting and thinking about what my ideal group of guys would be to go out and play a round.

Here is what I came up with, my dream foursome to play with and the course.

  1. Tom Brady

Not much explaining to do here. He is the greatest quarterback ever and he isn’t half bad at golf. So not only will you I be able to hear some crazy stories of his football days, he wont hold our group up. I would probably pick to be in the cart with him, enjoy a beer… if I could talk him into drinking one.

  1. Tiger Woods

Another “Well Duh” pick. Don’t worry my next one wont be so obvious. But I mean come on now, it is Tiger. Not only would you be able to pick his brain on golf knowledge, he would probably critique it a little too. And getting a picture with him is worth a million bucks.

  1. Chris Farley

I don’t even know if this guy golfed. He isn’t even alive anymore, but it is a dream foursome. Me golfing with Brady or Tiger is probably just as likely as me golfing with a dead guy. But this guy was my idol growing up. A fat guy who could make everyone laugh hysterically. His movies were unreal and I’m sure after a few beers at the turn the whole group would be laughing.

Alright now that my people are all set, now for the track we are going to take on. I think (without a money restriction) I would want to play St. Andrews with this group. Not only is this probably on Brady’s bucket list, Tiger could give us some tips on the course. I would play match play, Tom and I, against Farley and Tiger.

Pray that we would keep up.

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