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Why Your Course Aerates

by Back Nine Club Staff for Opinions
Why Your Course Aerates



Why Do Courses Aerate So much?

Ever get to your course and notice the whole setup for aeration?

Your heart falls and you want to just pack your clubs back up and head home. Putting on aerated greens may be one of the most frustrating things in golf.

It is pretty much like playing plunko, the ball could go anywhere, but don’t worry, there is a plan in the grand scheme of things.

So just deal with it for the couple of weeks.

Here is the reason your course does this, and it isn’t your superintendent just messing with you.

According to the USGA, “Aeration primarily is performed to control organic matt – i.e, decaying roots and grass stems – relieve soil compaction, stimulate root growth and improve drainage.”

In dumbed down terms, without this your greens would be terrible.

The three main components is green firmness, healthiness and mainly drainage.

When it comes to firmness this is key to having quick moving greens. Without this greens would be extremely short fairways that would suck to putt on. Who doesn’t love some fast greens. Putting is fun when the greens are moving.

The next two things are drainage and health. Health is imperative because of all the ball marks and divots on greens having nice healthy greens will help them bounce back after your ball slams into them. And drainage is just as important because we all know when parts of the golf course get extra wet and have lack of drainage it makes for a tough hole. You know that part of the rough that is super muddy?

Imagine that being the green you are trying to putt on. Not only is this again going to soften the green, it will make mowing the greens tough because the mowers will sink in.

So yes, aeration does suck, but suck it up for those couple of weeks.

It is better than what would happen without it.

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