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Prepare for Spring Golf

by Lauren DiCenso for Opinions
Prepare for Spring Golf

Spring is here! But, before you head out to the course, read these five tips to help you prepare and improve your golf game. 

  1. Understand the season. Spring is a great time to find golf deals on courses throughout the state. But do you know how the weather affects your game? The ground is wetter – even underneath the top surface of the grass. This results in deeper divots. Make sure to repair your divots when you make them. On the green, the grass is just beginning to grow. This along with the dampness will result in slower putts with less break than they will have when summer rolls around.
  2. Warm up. Why, you ask? Well, since you were probably inactive for most of the winter season (guilty of this too), it’s probably smart to get used to the weather and dress in layers at first. Also, golf can take a toll on your muscles and joints. Make sure you stretch your glutes, hamstrings and back, because these are the muscle you use the most when swinging the club. 
  3. Practice and start slow. Please don’t try to slam the ball with your driver. Don’t power the shot, let the swing do the work. Practice putting indoors so you can get back into the groove and have a consistent putt once you get to the green. Odds are this will save you more strokes per round than your drive. Lower score → happier golfer → you won’t throw your clubs into the lake.
  4. Dust off your clubsLiterally. In addition to making sure the club faces are clean, (If you’re like me, you may have put them away last year after a bad round still clumped with mud), take a towel with lukewarm water and wash your grips. This could also be a good time to replace your grips, check the cleats in your golf shoes and make sure your glove is hole-free.
  5. Restock the golf bag. Make sure you didn’t remove any essentials from the bag. Write a list of everything you might need in your golf bag and do some inventory. Chances are, you might have taken some of your golf balls out or misplaced your sunscreen. In spring, with the added dampness to the course and increased chance of rain, you may want to add a second towel to keep your clubs clean and an umbrella to help keep you dry.

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