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Keys to Playing Good Golf…Even When You Have A Hangover

by Back Nine Club Staff for Opinions
Keys to Playing Good Golf…Even When You Have A Hangover

Five Tips To Power Through A Hangover Before Your Tee Time

We have all been there. Alarm is blaring at 7:30 Saturday morning. Problem is, you stumbled in at 3 am last night.

You have a round of golf with some buddies in an hour.

Here is your one stop shop for hangover advice when you are on the first tee.

Drink (not alcohol): From the second you wake up until you get to the course, you got to start chugging water or Gatorade. Replenish your fluids and get all the Bud Light out of your system from last night. Once you are at the course don’t stop. Your piercing headache is only going to go away of you keep drinking. Your buddies, who were more responsible the night before, are going to be cracking the beers as soon as the dew rises. Urge the need for a beer and stick to the Poland Springs.

Drink (gatorade) and drive.

Eat: On your way to the course pick up the greasiest menu item from Dunkin. At the golf course, start eating the protein bars and nuts you’ve had in your bag for a few months. Once you get to the turn order a delicious burger that is sure to be dripping with grease. Add some bacon, a bag of chips and a candy bar. By the 11th tee you should be feeling like a million dollars. You will just have to blame your terrible golf game on something else now.

Golf Protein Bars

Pills: Advil, Emergen-C and ibuprofen will be your best friend the next morning. At least mask your hangover for a little while so you can make it too the course, get some liquids in you and a bite to eat. By the time all the medications wear off the food and drinks will do their part and you’ll be ready to miss every fairway and three putt every green.

Use advil to help your hangover

Power Through: If you do all the above and it is still there. You are just going to have to man up and power through. Look yourself in the mirror and finish the round knowing once you are done you can sleep until night fall. Then wake up and do it all over again.

Prevention: Best way to avoid a hungover round in the hot august weather? Don’t drink the night before. If you are golfing the next day, there is a good chance the beers will be flowing before, during and after your round. So wait 12 hours and drink at the course, save some money and don’t play miserably hungover.

Power through and prevent a hangover

Golf is always fun with a few beers involved. But when golf includes a mean hungover from the night before, it is not so fun.

Photo Credits: Pintrest, Golf.com

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