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Millennial Golfers Have New Faces To Admire On The PGA Tour

by Back Nine Club Staff for Opinions
Millennial Golfers Have New Faces To Admire On The PGA Tour


Not to be mean, but for the younger generation of golfers, Tiger Woods doesn’t matter.

The idea of him is cool, but let’s face it, most of us got into golf in our late teens, early 20’s because we were washed up high school athletes looking for a competitive sport to continue playing after high school.

For me, I graduated high school in 2014. That year Woods competed in seven events and only had one top 25.

That’s nothing to idolize.


For this generation, Tiger Woods is almost a myth. We hear our dads and uncles talk about his dominate performance at the 1997 Masters or his early 2000’s run. And how amazing it was to see him dominate as a black man on the majority white PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods
Woods Wins The 1997 Masters.
(Credit: Stephen Munday)

But we didn’t get to see it.

It is almost the same for us and Michael Jordan. We saw his washed up version on the Washington Wizards, so we can say we saw him play. But we didn’t see the 1996 Michael Jordan.

If someone our age says that they miss Tiger, they are most likely lying. Because if they do, they miss a golfer who barely makes a cut anymore, has “back problems” every time he plays and only shows up at a tournament once a blue moon.

Maybe they miss the idea of him, but for someone to remember his run when they were 5-6 years old, and comprehend what he was doing is a stretch.

This is no way diminishing anything he did. He is still arguably the greatest golfer of all time with a closet full of major trophies. He was one of the most polarizing sports figures that the common American would tune into watch on Sunday’s just to see his dominance.


Woods, to my generation is arguably defined by his scandal in 2009 with his wife. We weren’t reading golf blogs or golf magazines at that point. But we did hear TMZ and nightly news where they talked about this.

We could care less about his tournament next weekend, we just thought it was crazy this filthy rich athlete messed around on his wife so many times. Or the picture of his Escalade crashed into a tree after his wife attacked him with a golf club. That image is cemented in my head more than his Nike Golf commercials.

Tiger Woods

My generation grew up on the promise of Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and the deep talent pool the PGA boasts today.

Seeing a young star like Jordan Spieth grow up right in front of our eyes and dominate like he does, was and is the coolest thing.

Now as an avid golf fan, watching last years Ryder Cup where Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy battled, grew my passion for the game even more.

Or every April the excitement you get for the Masters. You watch the Masters through all your lectures, you download the app and watch it with your buddies at dinner. Casual golf fans get into it and makes the whole week much more fun.

You would be hard pressed to find a person between the age of 19-22, that picked up golf because Tiger Woods inspired them and made them want to try it out.

That ship has sailed, and so has Tiger Woods.

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