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Private Lessons

From club fittings and individual lessons, to video analyses and playing lessons, we’re here to help you through it all. Buy 3 lessons and get 1 free! If you want to get on the course, we can warm up on the range and then play 9 to go over course management, rules and different lies. Let’s get you ready for your next big outing!


Adult Individual Lessons

Single: 45 Minute Lesson – $60
Series: [ 4 ] 45 Minute Lessons – $190

Junior Individual lessons

Single: 45 Minute lesson – $45
Series: [ 4 ] 45 Minute lesson – $125

game improvement series

[ 6 ] 45 Minute lessons – $325

Playing lesson & Equipment evaluation

6 holes – $75 / 9 holes – $120
Loft and Lie – $35

Four Month Lesson Plan

[ June, July, August, September ] 2 lessons
per month plus 6 hole playing lesson – $375


All fittings are $50 – (with purchase
of said fitting, cost will be deducted)

Get Golf Ready

Get Golf Ready is our group clinic that’s designed for the beginner to intermediate golfer who would like to learn more about their golf swing while working to improve their scoring abilities. The clinic is 4 – 90 minute fun filled sessions with on-course instruction. We work with each student independently and take into consideration that every swing is different. Our group lesson topics are full swing, short game, bunker play, rules and course management. 

4 – 90 minute sessions, Cost : $140 per student
4 – 6 Students per clinic (6 : 1 student / teacher ratio)

for get golf ready dates and times to register, please call the pro shop

Junior Clinics

Our junior clinics are an 8 week summer series program designed to introduce juniors to the game of golf or help develop their current skills to be better players if they have previous experience. We focus on the fundamentals such as grip, stance, & posture while running drills/games to incorporate new ideas in an engaging and fun experience. Seeing as it’s an individual sport, we are attentive to not leaving any kids out.

The class runs every Monday in the summer and is open to all juniors ages 6-16. They are split into two groups, one for ages 6-9 running from 9am to 10am and the second for ages 10+ running from 10:30am to 12:00pm. Both sessions will be planned accordingly to ensure that everyone learns at an appropriate stage. With time, we get into greater detail with the mechanics and use competition as learning experience.

2019 classes are scheduled every Monday, June 25th through August 20th. On August 27th, we have a family day cookout for an end-of-summer clinics celebration. (No classes will be held the week of July 4th.)

Teaching Philosophy

As a PGA Professional, I am committed to providing clear, concise and accurate instruction on the mechanics of the golf swing and of the game itself. This is accomplished in a fun learning environment through the use of verbal cues, visual aids and hands on training. I believe that balance throughout the golf swing is essential for a sound golf swing. We also believe that a sound golf swing is one that enables the golf club to swing freely back and through on a consistent plane and enables the clubface to return to the ball squarely at impact.

During the lesson, you will have my full attention. I feel that the lesson is a two way street. I will never make a suggestion without telling you why we’re taking a particular course of action. In turn, I expect the student to provide accurate feedback on information or instruction that we are providing. This includes any and all questions no matter how trivial they might seem in the mind of a student. If any of my students have a question of any type regarding anything golf, I expect that question to be asked.

I believe that the only way to improvement is through application (i.e. practice) of fundamentals discussed during the course of a lesson and the application of relevant swing improvement drills. I also believe that a failure to apply recommended practice a drills, coupled with outside advice from un-qualified sources is a wasted lesson for both student and teacher.