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Importance of Your Golf Grip

by Back Nine Club Staff for Training
Importance of Your Golf Grip

Have you recently realized that your shots on the course could be stronger? Or maybe that your shots are too strong, and you need to ease up a little on the pressure of your swing? If this sounds familiar to you, it may be possible that you need to re-evaluate your grip and work on improving it for future games. Often, when people look at how they can improve their golf game, their grip is not something that immediately comes to mind. In reality, your golf grip can be the key to you playing better golf and getting lower scores.

Your golf grip is important for a variety of reasons. The grip must be solid, and if it is not, it could be the reason why you are often missing the ball or why your shots aren’t as strong and successful as they could be. So, how do you fix this? First, look at where you are currently with your grip. Is your grip weak, strong, or somewhere neutral in the middle? When you are gripping your club, you want to ensure that it is towards the base of your fingers and a bit further away from the palm of your hand.

Next, measure where your shots normally go. When you make a shot, does it tend to skew towards the left or the right? It is important to focus on what your patterns are so that you are aware, especially as you begin trying out new ways to grip your clubs.

Once you are aware of how your current grip and current shots are, it is time to begin working on a new grip. Try hitting some shots with a more neutral grip, rather than a forcefully strong one, or one that is a little bit too weak. Although this may be out of the ordinary and uncomfortable at first, it will soon become second-nature as you continue practicing.

While every player has a different type of grip, make sure that you find a solid, comfortable one that works best for you and your game. Next time you are on the course, make a mental note to focus on your grip and see if there are any ways that you can improve yours!

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