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How to Achieve Your Golf Resolutions in 2019

by Back Nine Club Staff for Training
How to Achieve Your Golf Resolutions in 2019

With only one more month left before the new year, it is officially that time again, to figure out how you will improve yourself in the new year! Even though it is currently the off-season, the winter months are a great time of year to work on your golf game and prepare yourself to get back onto the course come the spring. There are many ways in which you can work to improve your game without necessarily getting on an outdoor course! Here are some ways in which you can achieve all your golf-related resolutions in 2019:

  • Know where your weaknesses are. Constructive criticism is a great way to improve upon your game. Grab a notebook and write down what your major weaknesses on the course are. By staying self-aware, you will be able to move forward in figuring out how you can improve upon each individual weakness. Think you can get to a stronger, faster shot? Brainstorm tactics that can help you get there.
  • Write down your goals. Going into the new year, what are your golf-related goals? Do you want to travel and golf in different states? Do you want to incorporate practicing several times per week? Once you have your goals written out, break down each goal into specific deadlines that are attached to dates so that you can internally keep yourself accountable. Make sure when you are creating your goals that each of them motivates you to be better.
  • Stay committed. Commitment is key. Wake up each day asking yourself what goal you will be committed to achieving on that day. None of your goals or resolutions will be achieved without staying committed, moving forward and making it happen. Get an indoor putting green for your home, work on your strength training and watch some golf-related tutorials online. Prepare yourself for the best golf season of your life!

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