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Growing The Game of Golf

by Back Nine Club Staff for Opinions
Growing The Game of Golf

Is golf actually growing?

We all talk about it, and want it too happen.

But are we so caught up into it that we aren’t even realizing that it is in fact, actually growing?

Viewership for the PGA Tour may be down but that isn’t the only way to judge how many people are golfing, trying to learn more about the the game or actually even recognizing golf is a thing.

Golf has a big presence in social media lately, featuring trick shot artists and even videos of hacks making a fool of themselves. Either way, golf is being exposed and it is a positive for the sport. Recently Dwayne the Rock Johnson made some claims about a very long drive and it got media attention everywhere. This may be a weird way to look at it but people just talking about the game is going to help it.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted on Instagram about his 490-yard shot

Another trend as of late that may be a tell tale sign that golf is in fact growing is it the hip hop world has featured golf recently. The latest was in Kendrick Lamar’s newest music video where he swings a golf club on top of a car and hits a ball.

Although his swing was miserable it says something. It means the producers of that video had golf on their mind, and also everyone that sees that video will get a little hint of “Oh he golfs?” Although he may not actually golf on the reg, to his younger fans, they may look to him as a role model and pick up a club.

Kendrick Lamar in his new music video

Recently Snoop Dog announced he is hosting a party the eve of the Masters in Augusta. This must mean he knows the people will come out and he knows how much the Masters means. Real recognizes real.

The biggest was when rap group Rae Sermmurd put out a music video for their hit song “Swang” and the music video was filmed solely on a golf course. The video featured pimped out golf carts, old guys golfing and a lot of money.

This may seem like a unique example of the game growing but any exposure non-golfers have to the game will put the idea of golf into their heads. Which is another step to everyone on the planet enjoying the amazing game of golf.

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