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Golf Superstitions

by Back Nine Club Staff for Opinions
Golf Superstitions

Every sport has it’s superstitions and golf is no exception. Here are a few of my own superstitions that many golfers might be able to relate to.

  1. Lucky Club

I know some golfers who just love certain irons or woods – they swear by them. They take their favorite club with them and it never leaves their bag. For me, if I don’t have my 7 hybrid with me on the course, I automatically think I’m going to play terribly. The best explanation I can give is that I know that club like the back of my hand, whether or not it’s a lucky club or if I just have the mindset that I’ll hit a good shot with it, it works for me. 

  1. Lucky Clothes

Remember that blue Nike collared shirt you wore when you birdied over three holes on your favorite course? Yep, just like having a lucky club, many golfers have a lucky shirt or even shoes. I love my Callaway golf shoes, even though they are six years old, I will never get rid of them. They are unique with Swarovski crystals embedded in them. I’ve worn them when I won my first tournament in high school and to this day after college I still wear them. I can’t explain why, because I have so many other pairs of golf shoes I can rock, but I usually stick with my lucky Callaway’s instead.

  1. Ball Markers

There are many different beliefs about ball markers. I know someone who only use coins with pictures of states where they played a good round. I only use my pink Breast Cancer ball marker that Lexi Thompson signed for me. 

  1. Water Balls are No Good

Funny enough, many golfers believe that once a ball lands it water, it is somehow forever attracted to every other water hazard that exists. I guess it’s better to start fresh with a new ball than to use the one that might be “bad luck.”

It’s funny that there are so many superstitions like the ones I named above that many golfers swear by. Although it may seem silly, superstitions like these can actually benefit players. If it helps ease their minds and focus on the game, then who really cares? 

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