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Golf Course in Manhattan May be Coming Soon

by Back Nine Club Staff for News
Golf Course in Manhattan May be Coming Soon



Think of New York City and Manhattan. One of the first things that probably popped into your mind was Central Park.

Not for any particular reason other than it is iconic and known for being a large park.

Now think of a golf course in that area…

You probably start to think of Bethpage, Liberty National and Fishers Island. Well imagine a 36-hole golf course in Central Park.

Yeah, someone made up a plan for that.

Two hedge fund employees from Manhattan are avid golfers and came up with an entire plan.

Jason Kirschner and Raj Bhargava are the masterminds behind bringing championship worthy golf to Manhattan.

They calculated that Manhattan has about 112,000 golfers, but no golf course. But they are not all talk.

They have already hired Ron Whitten, Golf Digest senior editor of architecture and co-designer of Erin Hills to design the 36-hole track inside of the 800 acre park.

The yardages and scorecards are out for both courses and both are slightly under 7,000 from the tips.

Sadly, this is the trend golf is going as we look at Erin Hills this year playing over 7,000 sometimes for the U.S. Open.

In an interview with Golf Digest Whitten says that, “The challenge of building any golf course is to give the golfer a sense of where they’re at…What you want to do is try to fit golf holes in, and make it feel like you’re playing in Central Park.”

The name of this gorgeous course would be Manhattan Links and would feature the worlds largest practice green and an aqua driving range.

It will be voted on soon whether or not initial construction can start on the new golf courses.

Mixed reactions have been expressed about the idea, including Michael Bloomberg who was asked about it in Golf Digest’s video and he called it a dumb idea.

Personally, I love it. The first time I visit Manhattan, I’ll bring my clubs.

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