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Best Time of Day to Hit the Course

by Back Nine Club Staff for Training
Best Time of Day to Hit the Course

Much like your local gym, many golfers know that there are prime times to hit the course, and times when it is a little bit busier and more crowded. Many people have different ideas on when the best time to hit the course is, which depends on your own personal preference and your local golf club’s general traffic. There are a lot of different pros and cons to different times of the day. We have laid out some of the biggest for you to consider as you are looking into when makes most sense for you to begin your game next time you golf:

Early AM

Pros:  Because you are getting a head start so early, the course is fresh and clean-cut, and has not been touched by any golfers yet. In addition, it is nice and quiet, so you can focus on your game with no distractions. Lastly, it is still cool weather, especially if you are somewhere that heats up drastically throughout the day.

Cons: Because it is so early in the morning, the grass will likely be dewy and wet, which is something that you will have to consider before beginning your game.

Late AM

Pros: Now that it is later in the morning, you are likely more awake and alert, which will greatly positively impact your game. The grass is less dewy at this point, so you will not have to worry about slipping and sliding.

Cons: This timing tends to be very popular for many golfers, so it may be much more crowded than if you were to have an earlier start.

Early PM

Pros: If you wait to begin your game until the early afternoon, you will most likely have eaten lunch, which gives your body the fuel that it will need to be energized and focused on the course.

Cons: In the afternoon, the temperatures will have risen, and it may be much more humid and hotter than you’d like.

Late PM

Pros: If you are golfing in an area where heat is common, by late afternoon, it should have cooled down a bit. Some courses may even offer cheaper tee times during the late afternoon, since it is not as popular for most golfers.

Cons: Given late afternoon is when the sun will begin to set, you will want to make sure you are prepared with sunglasses and/or a hat, since the sun setting will be in your eyes and could be a distraction through your game. Also, be prepared for bugs to start coming out around this time, so you will need to ensure you have packed the bug spray!

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