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5 Ways to Have Fun Golfing

by Lauren DiCenso for Training
5 Ways to Have Fun Golfing

Yes, we all know that golfing can be difficult, frustrating and just plain annoying. There’s no silver bullet to improve your game, but there are some basic fundamentals that can help you enjoy golfing a little more. 

1. Take a lesson
Find yourself a good pro and take a lesson. If you’re starting from scratch, this will help you avoid learning a bunch of poor swing habits. Going to an indoor golf range and practicing on a simulator with a PGA Professionals help can be a great way to really improve your swing. 

2. Practice Makes Perfect
Don’t make the mistake many weekend golfers do. If you go to the driving range, make sure you practice with a purpose. It’s not a good idea just to rip through a bucket of balls without applying some new techniques.

The two main types of practice drills I’ve learned for the range are “Block” training and “Section” training. Block training is when you go through every club in your bag and hit a number of balls with each. 

The other driving range drill is “Section” training. As golf is a thinking game as much as a skill game, “Section” training is where you play a practice round in your head. You could even bring a scorecard from a favorite course and “walk” yourself through each hole. If you leave the range after “Section” training feeling uncomfortable, you’ve done your job! This drill can pay-off dividends on the course. And, don’t forget to hit the putting green after the range.

3. Play the shot not the score
No too long ago, playing “bogey” golf was a good respectable score. It wasn’t until the advent of modern professional golf that birdies and eagles became common occurrences. I always try and play a par four as a par five and I get less frustrated that way.

I remember more of my “recovery shots” on a bad hole because golf is a game about recovery. There are so many factors outside your control when playing (e.g. weather, mood, pace of play) that effect the round.

Know your limitations and don’t be so hard on yourself if you hit a bad shot. Stay positive and the scores will come.

4. Set realistic goals for yourself
In order to improve, it’s a good idea to set some short and long-term goals. One of my first real goals was to break a hundred, which took a little while to achieve but I did it! Completing a goal, especially in golf, is such a good feeling. 

5. Have fun
Remember, the game of golf is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. Spending quality time with your friends or family on a beautiful course in beautiful weather is a great time waiting to happen. Try not take it too seriously when you hit a bad shot and don’t let others’ negativity bring you down.

Enjoy the game of golf – it’s the most frustrating game you’ll ever love!

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