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Why Doesn’t College Golf Get More Exposure?

by Alan Berndt for Opinions
Why Doesn’t College Golf Get More Exposure?


As we know college football dominates in many parts of the country, often more popular than the NFL.

All winter and leading into March, it’s all about college basketball, March Madness and brackets.

So why doesn’t college golf get any exposure?

College Golf
NCAA Men’s Division

Some may argue that sports like baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis or even wrestling don’t get the exposure they should. For these events, some games and the national tournaments get broadcasted on ESPN or other big television markets.

Other than Golf Channel, you will be hard pressed to find a college golf tournament on television. And Golf Channel is the host of the men’s national championship, here was the television schedule for last season (via Golfchannel.com):


Monday, 5/30 – Individual National Championship Final Round: 7-10pm

Tuesday, 5/31 – Team Match Play Quarterfinals: 1:30-3:30pm

Tuesday, 5/31 – Team Match Play Semifinals: 6:30-10pm

Wednesday, 6/1 – Team Match Play Finals: 6-10pm


What may be the most exciting aspect of the tournament, the individual national championship, is aired on a Monday night tucked away on Golf Channel. The team finals tucked away from 6-10 pm on a Wednesday.

If you are a dedicated college golf fan you will know this and tune in at the appropriate time. But to grow the game and get the casual fan involved is tough.

Not many people are flipping through channels at 8 pm on a Monday, and if they are Golf Channel is probably one of the last places they will stop.

College Golf
Golf Channel talks about contenders for the NCAA

Online coverage is pretty much nonexistent as well. When looking at five of the most popular golf websites, only one had a tab for golf or even mentioned college golf on its home page.

The overall knowledge of college golf is pretty pitiful in the United States.

The golf world is so worried about growing the game and getting youth involved, yet if you ask a random guy next time you golf what he knows about NCAA golf, he will probably say Jordan Spieth went to Texas. Ask that same person to rattle off some facts about college football, you will have to tell him to shut up after 10 minutes.

This arises as the 2017 NCAA Golf National Championship is being held from May 18th to the 24th at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

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