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The Do’s and Don’ts of Music on the Golf Course

by Alan Berndt for Uncategorized
The Do’s and Don’ts of Music on the Golf Course


We all know that Bluetooth speakers on the golf course are growing more and more popular.

For the most part, people are really enjoying this new trend and aren’t seeming to really abuse it.

Bluetooth “cart golf” speaker

If you’re new to the party, here are some tips for when you are jamming out on the course.

  • Be selective: Old golf “purists” already hate the idea of you having that speaker. Don’t piss them off even more by blasting rap music with a million swears. Mix it up and add in a bunch of different genres of music. That old guy would love to hear some classic rock.
  • Be smart: If you’re pulling up to the tee box with AC/DC blasting and the group in front of you is still teeing off, you messed up. A good rule of thumb is if you are within talking distance of someone, turn the music down until they are away and probably wont be able to hear it.
  • Keep it in the cart: You don’t need the speaker on the tee box with you. you can hear it when it is in the cart. It is always safe to keep it in the cart and draw the least amount of attention to you as possible. Speakers on the course are still a touchy thing so try not to piss people off and ruin it for everyone.
  • Take requests: Ask your playing partners what they want to hear. They don’t want to listen to your terrible taste in music for the whole round.
  • Bring an external battery: Nothing worst than being the DJ and having your phone die on the 12th hole. Bring an external battery so you have nothing to worry about. If you want the music, you got to be prepared.
  • Leave it in the front: To keep track of it and make sure it doesn’t fly out of the cart, leave it in the compartment in the front of the cart with all the balls you found in the woods, as you were looking for yours.
  • It is just music: Remember you’re still golfing; you aren’t DJ’ing a prom. The music should just be there, there is no reason to worry about it for four straight hours.

Golf has accepted music for the most part. If people start to abuse It, a lot more courses may start to implement rules against or limiting speaker usage.

Lets make golf fun.

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