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Russian Golfer Artem Nesterov Commits Horrible Crime

by Alan Berndt for News
Russian Golfer Artem Nesterov Commits Horrible Crime


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Being a golfer can be pretty frustrating.

From three-putting, missing the fairway or even just hitting a ball into the water, this game can make you pretty angry.

Artem Nesterov is a 37-year-old golfer from Russia. Nesterov is considered the first great golfer from Russia.

The game of golf wasn’t introduced to Russia until 1991. Golf in other parts of the world have started way before 1991.

The game being so new, good golfers were hard to come by.

He was named Russia’s first master of golf in 2003, a feat no one could touch in Russia 12 years.

Well, Nesterov won’t be hitting another golf ball for a long time. Russia’s top golfer recently was arrested. No he didn’t steal a golf cart.

Nesterov killed and beheaded his mother…Calm down buddy, everyone shoots in the 80’s once in a while.

Just kidding…

Reports say that Nesterov got into a fight with his girlfriend and went to see his mother.

The investigation is still going on about details at the house and at the incident. But after it happened Nesterov tried fleeing the scene in his car running from police.

After evading the police for some time, he admitted the crime to his sister and the police.

He is in jail for the next couple months while authorities try to get a better idea of what happened.

After a successful playing career Nesterov started working as a golf coach

Clearly playing golf with Nesterov when he was having a bad day would have been scary.

He practiced in the United States and South Africa for a couple years.

But for the past decade he had been coaching golf according to Golf Digest.

Hopefully his students never pissed him off, or they would have had a 3 wood upside the head for topping the ball.

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