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Reasons Why Every Kid Needs To Learn How To Golf

by Alan Berndt for Opinions
Reasons Why Every Kid Needs To Learn How To Golf


Golf is so much more than a sport for old men, kids should all learn to play the game at a young age.

At a young age your kid will not only learn technique, skills and knowledge for the game of golf, they will learn all the values golf brings.

Kids Golf
Kids Golf

Golf teaches you honesty when it comes to keeping track of your score and things such as strokes, finding your ball in the woods. It is so easy to just take your extra ball, drop it and tell everyone you found it.

Golf etiquette may be underplayed to many, but the things that come along with golf etiquette teach young kids so many life lessons.

School can teach kids a lot of things, but not all of the valuable things they will learn on the golf course.

But respect and all of that aside golf is a valuable game to learn at a young age.

Kids will go through stages in their life, they will play football and basketball, like any young American kid. And if they are good enough to play at the collegiate level, they may play into their 20’s. But the game of golf will be with you until you are dead.


At a young age it is a way to bound with your dad. Assuming your dad golfs, because why else would he get you into golf. He may also play when you’re out on the weekend playing, he stays at the driving range and plays around.

When kids get in their late teens, early 20’s it is almost cool and the “in” thing to do. They become the legal age to drink, they have a few beers and enjoy a fun sport with their buddies. This wont happen until about junior year of high school. The reason is because, sadly, the overruling attitude toward golf from 13-16 years old is that it is boring and an old mans sport, without even giving it a try.

Golfing with father

Once they reach the professional world it will be something many of their coworkers and friends will do and enjoy, so start them young. It is a hobby most people have so it is an easy way to connect and enjoy time with friends. The other fun part about golfing at this age is meeting up with high school buddies at fundraiser tournaments or maybe just at your hometown track to catch up.

If you teach your kid golf, not only will he thank you for the rest of their life, they will eventually beat you on the course. So you choose.

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