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Private Lessons

We offer video analysis and game improvement options for all playing abilities. Playing lessons and Equipment Evaluations are also available.

Bob Giusti, PGA

Private Lesson Programs

thejuicepga@aol.com / Cell 508-577-5554

Individual Lesson:Individual Series:

45 minute lesson      $60.00  3 plus 1 free        $190.00

Game Improvement Series                    Quick Fix:  

(6) 45 minute lessons  30 min.     Two free               $325.00

Junior Individual Lesson: Junior Series:

45 minute lesson      $45.00      3 plus 1 free        $125.00                      

Playing Lesson:Equipment Evaluation:

6 holes                       $95.00

Loft and Lie               $35.00

9 holes                      $140.00

Four Month lesson Plan: 

June, July, August, September     

2 lesson per month plus 6 hole playing lesson    $499.00         

Get Golf Ready Clinic: 4- 1 ½ hour sessions plus on course instruction (up to 4 to 6 students)    $140.00 per person


All fittings are $50.00 – Purchase of said fitting the fitting cost will be deducted.


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