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How To Hit A Driver Off The Deck

by Alan Berndt for Training
How To Hit A Driver Off The Deck


driver off the deck feature

add a 15th club to your bag

Some of you may follow the 14 club rule, some of you may not.

If you do, here is your way of adding a 15th club, without a penalty.

No…I’m not talking about cheating.

Every now and then, you walk up onto a tee box of a par 5 and think, “Wow, I’m never reaching in two.”

That may be the case if you use a driver and then a 3 wood.

Why not utilize your 15th club, driver off the deck?

This is a very uncommon thing, although some PGA tour players do it, you don’t see it much out of your weekend warriors.

It could be because they are afraid of snapping it, or just don’t know it’s a possibility.

Here’s a guide on how to hit driver off the deck:

  1. When to do it: This shot is for a wide open hole. You want the ball to run up on the green so make sure nothing is in front of it that you may hit your ball into. Obviously landing a ball on the green would be a bad idea as it will fly way over the green.
  2. Alignment: Aim a little left of your target, the ball will have a baby fade on it. Then you want to set the ball up a little further back in your stance compared to when you have it up on a tee.
  3. Execution: Like a 3 wood, you want to hit the ball before the ground. You want to cleanly sweep the ball off the ground and then make contact with the ground. This will make for a perfectly executed shot that may get you on in two, compared to coming up short with your 3 wood.

Driver off the deck may be the hardest shot in golf. Justin Thomas once tried it a sliced it so bad it hit a fan not even knowing it was coming. So try this at your own risk and don’t blame me if you hit someone on the next fairway.

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