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Golf 101: How to Hit an Accurate Drive

by Lauren DiCenso for Opinions
Golf 101: How to Hit an Accurate Drive

Every golfer wants to hit their driver perfectly. It’s the club that makes you feel really good when you hit it accurately and it’s a great way to show your strength and how much further you can hit it than your friends. Here are some beginner tips to how to hit a better, more accurate drive. 

Tip #1: Technique

Many beginners feel the need to use their muscles to drive the ball farther. This is false. The best way to learn how to consistently and accurately hit a driver is through your form and technique. Not using the proper technique will result in less power transferred to the ball and less distance. 

Tip #2: Tee

Another tip is to tee your ball up high. Using a high tee will help you swing up on the ball instead of flat or down. Swinging up on the ball will help eliminate the unwanted spin which means you’ll have a much longer and straighter drive. This is probably one of the easiest golf tip to implement since you don’t need to change your swing.

Tip #3: Spine Angle

We’ve all topped our golf balls at some point or another. It’s definitely embarrassing, but it’s fixable! The reason this happens is because if you stand up before reaching the ball on your downswing. Focus on the angle of your spine and keep your head down throughout the swing. It should remain constant throughout the swing to ensure your club returns to its starting position just before it makes contact with the ball.

By following these simple steps you will be able to greatly improve your drive!

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